Joseph Pozzuoli Architect, P.A.

“We’re Designing Places

Where People Want to Be”

WHO WE ARE.......

Joseph Pozzuoli Architect, P.A. (JPA) is a full service architectural design practice that encompasses the entire range of structure, concept, design, and construction. Through exhaustive attention to detail, passionate client service and dedication to proportion and scale, we deliver premier  architectural design to the entire Southeastern United States.



Very few people understand the complexity of designing and building for themselves. Besides the difficulty of deciding what you want you must enter the world of an Architect, Contractor, and Building Code Official. This can be frightening to most people.

It may be as simple as designing a house with various creature comforts and amenities best suited for the client but all design solutions must both meet the zoning code and building code in order to receive a building permit. It is both the obligation of the Architect and the Builder to comply with all the codes to ensure the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public, you, the Owner.

Besides being well educated, the Architect is trained to perform professional services best understood by the construction industry, the various contractors and the building official. This training has allowed the Architect to conduct his work in multiple phases of design and construction administration, to assist the client with a better understanding of the contractual obligations of all parties. Remember, the Architect represents you, the Owner.